Stuck in Housing Crisis, Divorcing Couples Find Creative Solutions through Mediation

Davis, CA, August 25, 2009 – Divorcing is never affordable, even in the best economy. And with the recent downturn in housing prices, divorcing has became a financial nightmare for many couples whose largest asset; their house, is now worth less than it was five years ago. For those who are willing to try mediation, however, the outcome does not have to be so bleak. With expert advice and assistance, win-win solutions can be found for those who are able to sit down and explore their options with an experienced and qualified mediator.

“If you want to save money and stay out of court, you should try mediation” says Gillian Brady, the founder of Better Solutions Mediation & Law Services. “I have facilitated complex negotiations between clients who saved thousands of dollars in legal fees and settled all of their divorce issues in three months.”

The traditional way of getting a divorce is expensive because each party hires their own attorney who generally assumes an adversarial attitude. The cost of repeated court hearings and letters back and forth between the opposing sides normally drains each party’s $5,000 retainer before any final agreements are reached. Most people also feel confused and intimidated by the court process and often leave court wondering what just happened.

And it’s not just the cost of the traditional, two attorney divorce process that drains resources, it is the way the process prevents direct communication between the parties. When people do not communicate with each other, misunderstandings often become major feuds and there is no opportunity to explore alternatives. In mediation, the focus is on creating an atmosphere where each person’s needs and concerns can be openly addressed. Once people discuss their needs openly and honestly, creative problem solving can begin.

In mediation, the parties develop their own solutions with the help of trained experts who can explain the law, finances, tax ramifications, and even child development. After mediating, people walk away feeling they have reached the best possible agreements and done so in a respectful manner that has preserved important relationships. For some people, that knowledge is worth even more than the thousands of dollars saved.

Gillian Brady is an Attorney Mediator and founder of Better Solutions Mediation & Law Services. She has been mediating in Davis for over five years and has helped clients from all over California resolve their divorces in a fair and thoughtful manner.

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