Mediation Looks to Future

Mother and child using a computer

The focus of mediation is the future.  In mediation, the parties look at the issues now and work together to resolve those issues, while also anticipating if there may be future conflict and creating solutions to avoid those issues going forward.

Avoiding Ongoing Conflict Through Mediation

Mediation opens lines of communication and helps people reach lasting agreements. People who mediate are less likely to have ongoing conflict in the future because they have reached their own agreements and tailored their own unique solutions to their disputes, with the help of trained attorney mediators. Mediation also teaches problem solving skills that can be used in the future, if necessary.

Focusing on the Children

In our private, confidential mediation process, both parents work together to resolve any issues related to their children. Unlike the court process, your mediation focuses on your child or children and your family’s specific situation. The parties work together to create the best plan for their individual child or children and their family, and along the way, learn tools to help them communicate in the future.

Paying for College

Although parents are not required by law to reach any agreements regarding payment for college or higher education costs for their children, often parents want to provide for their children in this way. Through the mediation process, parents can work together to plan for their children’s educational future by making decisions together today.