Gillian A. Brady, Attorney Mediator

Davis, CA

Gillian Brady, Mediator and Attorney

Gillian A. Brady

Owner, Attorney Mediatory
Finding Common Ground Mediation & Law Services®

1520 E. Covell Suite B5 – 449
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 756-2536

Gillian Brady is an Attorney Mediator with over 600 hours of mediation training. She has been a licensed Attorney for 25 years. She founded Better Solutions Mediation in 2004 to give people an alternative to the high cost and stress of going to court. In 2016 she acquired Finding Common Ground Mediation & Law Services®.

Gillian saw how families going through a divorce could be devastated by the court system, which makes parents adversaries and puts children in the middle. She became a mediator to help parents navigate the divorce process peacefully and efficiently. She helps people focus on the future and find a path forward. She has helped hundreds of clients to find “win-win” agreements that will last.

Gillian has successfully mediated hundreds of cases and is an advanced mediator able to handle complex and high conflict cases.

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Gillian Brady is Certified Advanced Practitioner by the Academy of Professional Family Mediators