Save Time and Money


Mediation Saves Money

Mediation is significantly less expensive than going to court. Studies have shown that mediation can be from one-third to one-tenth the cost of litigation.

Mediation Saves Time

In mediation, the Parties are in control of the timing – not the Court.

Mediation is efficient because communication happens directly between the Parties at the mediation table. Your Attorney Mediators are trained to help Parties be productive at the mediation table and to keep the process productive.


Preparing for Mediation

One of the best ways to save time and money in mediation is to come prepared for each mediation session. We help our clients prepare for mediation. We will send you preparation materials before your first mediation session. After the first mediation session, we send task letters that list all of the agreed upon “tasks” so everyone knows who is responsible for completing which tasks before the next mediation session. Mediation does require effort on your part, and your Attorney Mediators will support you and walk you through every step of the process. We give our clients the tools and information necessary to succeed in mediation. If you come to your mediation sessions prepared, you can complete your mediation quickly and efficiently.

Retaining a Mediator

We charge a retainer of $5,000 for most cases. But, the retainer depends on the complexity of the case and may be less for simpler cases or single issue mediation clients. This money is kept in a client trust account and is used to pay for work on your case as it is completed. Any unused portion of the retainer is returned to the clients upon completion of the mediation.