1. Find a new co-parenting style which avoids conflict with each other.
  2. Never involve your children in your disagreements.
  3. Don’t let your emotions about one another affect the decisions you make regarding the children.
  4. Treat your children as children, not as adults. Don’t give them information on finances or custody. Don’t depend on them to fill your emotional needs.
  5. Never say bad things about the other parent in front of your child or to another person who may tell your child.
  6. Don’t ask you child about the other parent. That is spying and asking your child to violate a trust. Don’t put your child in the middle.
  7. Never pass messages or things to one another through your child. Talk directly to each other about things related to your child.
  8. Reassure your child and correct any misconceptions your child has about the divorce.
  9. Recognize and respect the wide range of emotions your child has regarding the divorce.
  10. Put in place a consistent set or rules for both households.